Caring and Nurturing Daycare in Coquitlam

Early education is an important step towards preparing your child for a brighter and better future. Bramblewood Montessori is based on the quality teaching methodology of Montessori and offering one of the best child daycare services in Coquitlam. It has various carefully-formulated programs for infants, toddlers up to Grade 5 students who benefit from the care and attention offered to them at the Montessori and preschool.

We have families from all over the tri-cities and other regions enrolling their children with us. We ensure the best of childcare facilities in the form of full day programs, weekday programs along with preschool facility as well.

Daycare facilities in Coquitlam
At Bramblewood Montessori, we value the early years of a child’s life that play a critical role in the formative development of the child. It is important that we offer nothing short of the best and absolutely safe environment for the children to help them interact and get proper nurturing. We have a stimulating environment that is carefully tended to ensure that each child grows to his or her full potential under the guidance of our teachers and caregivers.

The use of inter-cultural and inter-ethnic group activities along with an overall development of the child is important for giving the right exposure to every child. Each child is unique and individual attention is provided to every child to help them blossom in the future. Our main aim is to ensure that the child is safe, happy and motivated while learning the basics in our daycare in Coquitlam.

Our focus area
Professional Coquitlam DaycareWe lay primary focus on the overall growth and development of the child from all corners. Right from physical, cognitive and social development of the child, we ensure that each child is comfortable and learns at their own pace and choice. They are encouraged to appreciate the nature and also enjoy group activities with other children. A child is curious and playful and needs the understanding and care of a trained caregiver and an experienced teacher. Hence, we offer the best resources along with complete access to the best facilities to the child. These help to organize fun-filled activities along with learning programs at the daycare facility in Coquitlam.

The safety and health of the child is also of our main concern. We provide them a safe and a healthy way of interacting with their environment and develop group skills. They learn about the different socio-cultural and ethnic backgrounds of other children and learn to inculcate values such as mutual respect, tolerance, multiculturalism etc.

Participation in diverse activities
We introduce a variety of group activities to the children that helps them understand themselves and also get a better grip on the world around them. They get to learn new skills, explore their talent and use their creativity and originality. We follow various social and academic routines to encourage students to develop their skills and alsolearn through cultural activities such as music, creative movements, playing instruments, singing, games, dance etc.

Proper care and fun!
A child needs the right care and enjoyment at the same time. We ensure that they participate in a range of activities and also provide healthy refreshments to young toddlers and students. Along with safe teaching and group learning, we impart the right values through our teaching methodology.

We work towards the complete development of the child in all aspects. We give them the right facilities to provide them an outlet for the creative juices and help them explore their talents and potential through various group-based and academic activities.