Nurturing the True Potential of Your Child

Each child is unique in their way of exploring their immediate surroundings. They react to a stimulus in their individual manner. However, every child has a natural curiosity to learn and explore. They are born with the desire to know more about the world around them; even the smallest of creatures and the biggest of ships.

What is Montessori Education?

Montessori Education draws its name from Maria Montessori who was an educationist and champion campaigner for reformed child education. This form of education focuses on a child’s natural, social development, psychological and physical development. The children can freely move about and explore the classrooms that often have mixed-age children.

Most Montessori daycare and preschools focus on providing a safe and educational environment to the children. It supports the children to nurture their true potential and natural curiosity to learn.

Why Enroll your Child at a Coquitlam Daycare and Preschool?

A Coquitlam Montessori is the perfect place to enroll your toddler or young explorer. The stimulating environment and adept teachers provide the right environment and guidance to each child.  Children’s curiosity is given wings and they learn to investigate and explore their surroundings. This form of education helps in building more independent minds and thinkers who can analyze and develop skills individually and as per their natural curiosity.

More and more parents in Coquitlam are moving towards Montessori education. They scout for daycare and preschool that has the right facilities and quality education standards. The focus is on providing freedom with limitations and competent Montessori-trained teachers to guide them all along. They are not bound to strict curricular ties early on. They can build on their natural ability to understand the surroundings and go about their exploration in various avenues and possibilities with expert support.