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Preschool Coquitlam and Kindergarten

Started in Port Coquitlam Programs offered by Bramblewood Montessori

Bramblewoood Montessori Team of Professionals

The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist."
Dr. Maria Montessori 


Barb A. Badiani, Administrator

Barb Badiani realized the challenges parents face in balancing work schedules and managing children. Seeking a career and lifestyle that develops around three daughters, Barb joined a venture to create a purpose built, one of its kind childcare center in Coquitlam.  Parents breathe a sigh of relief as a child development begins at age 12 months to grade 5, in an environment that will compliment their growth and learning.  

You can expect from your administrator:

  • Sincerity to the families needs
  • Dedication to meet the child’s long-term needs
  • Commitment for the child, family and teacher

After 15 years, Barb’s commitment to giving “personal service” is her strongest quality. To contact Barb directly, email her at:

Our Teachers:

We recognize the strength of our program is the experience, expertise and determination of our teachers.  We support our teachers with resources, and the freedom to create a learning environment following our curriculum guidelines.

Our teachers, being family oriented themselves, understand the values parents want to infuse in their children.  Through careful planning, our professional team will provide a curriculum that motivates and stimulates students to develop to their fullest potential.  Our teachers strive to strengthen each child’s own cultural identity, while instilling a respect for others.

Further, teachers carefully monitor each student’s development.  They recognize and support each child’s needs and interests based on their stage of development and personality.  An opportunity is given to the child to meet challenges and over come obstacles-allow each child to surpass their abilities.

Bramblewood Montessori is committed to retaining teachers on a long-term basis.  Since we have families returning with siblings, having continuity and a "history" between parents and teachers is one that separates us from other rest.

We have a combination of 17 full-time & part-time qualified, professional teachers.  Parents are able to meet our teachers when they come for their personal tour of the programs.

Student / Staff Ratio for our programs:

Infant &Toddler Program:  In each class of 12 students, an Infant Toddler qualified teacher together with an ECE Educator and an ECE Assistant.

Full Day Montessori Program:  In each class of 16 students, both teachers are ECE & Montessori qualified.  An additional ECE Assistant provides support to the teachers and students during lunch and nap times.

Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten Program:  In a class of 20 students, both teachers are Montessori & ECE qualified.

2 & 3 Day Traditional Preschool:  In a class of 20 students, both our teachers are ECE qualified.

Kindergarten & School Age Program:  Our groups of students have an ECE qualified teacher with 4 Assistants.

Bramblewood Montessori strives to surpass the requirements set forth by Fraser Health. 

Each of our  teachers have the following on file:

  • Resume detailing their qualifications and experiences
  • Clear Immunization record
  • Doctor’s approval of the teacher’s position
  • Criminal Record Check.  Upgraded every 5 years for our long-term teachers
  • Certificates of all their qualifications and applicable courses
  • Valid First Aid Certificate
  • Letters of reference with supporting their work ethic and personal manner