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Lunch Guidelines

Bramblewood Montessori -- Lunch Guidelines

Your child is required to bring lunch everyday.  Lunch must include a nutritious balanced meal.  Children should have input regarding the contents and the quantity they eat, parents assure it is healthy.  It is our policy that any uneaten food is sent home so parents can monitor their child’s intake.

Lunch boxes must include:

  • an ice pack
  • cutlery –please don’t send any special or expensive items
  • all containers must be clearly labeled
  • Microwave safe containers if reheating is requested
  • Water is provided ongoing.  Please do not send any juice. 

Lunches must not include:

  • PEANUTS and all other nuts (e.g. –cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, etc)
  • Thermoses & Flasks keep foods and beverages at dangerously high temperatures
  • Candies, chocolate, puddings, any sugar laden items, etc.
  • "Cup of Noodles" or other foods that take a long time to heat
  • Processed, pre-packaged foods are highly discouraged.

Bramblewood Montessori is a peanut free environment.  We may have students that are seriously allergic to peanuts.  Accidental contact to any item or surface that has been contaminated with peanuts is enough to start an allergic reaction.  If it is found that a child’s lunch has peanut products it will not be served.  A substitute lunch will be offered and the parents will be notified.

Additional foods may have to be avoided to ensure safety of individuals – you will be advised.

This is Health Canada’s website where you can download the Canada Food Guide.  This site has a “My Food Guide” feature where you can plan a day’s worth of meals and then compare your plan to the Canada Food Guide’s recommended number of servings for your age and gender.
This is where facilities can find Dietitian Services which provides a free nutrition information line for British Columbians.  Dietitian Services specializes in quality nutrition information based on current scientific sources.  Topics such as diabetes, heart health, cancer, food allergies, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and nutrition for babies and children can be found here.  Registered dietitians provide brief nutrition consultation by dialing 811 from anywhere in BC.  Healthlink BC has a Dietitian dedicated to answer food allergy questions and a Dietitian dedicated to answer trans-fat questions.

Also available, tips and recipes for quantity cooking: Nourishing Minds and Bodies, Bake Better Bites and Lunches to go from the website:
This is where Public Health Dietitians have made available a variety of nutrition resources about babies, infant, toddler and preschool nutrition.  They include: Iron and your Health, Iron in Foods, Healthy Eating: Choosing Fish Low in Mercury, Helping your Toddler to Eat Well, Meal and Snack ideas for your one to three year old Toddler, Food Safety: Ten easy steps to Make Food Safe, Food safety for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Food Sources of Calcium and Vitamin.