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Frequently Asked Questions

Clarify all your confusion or questions regarding what our site is about, we'll try to come with solution to the best of our ability.

Does my child take the bus to and from school?

Students going to Aspenwood or Panorama Elementary school are transported to and from school using Bramblewood Montessori school bus.  Students attending Bramblewood Elementary are walked to and from school by our  teachers.

How can I help the teachers?

Good communication between teachers and parents will lessen the unnecessary stress and anxiety.  If there are any changes, always give written directions.  If your child is going on a play date after school, send a note the day before.

My child's school has early dismissal. Who picks up my child?

Most often, the schools inform us of early dismissals.   Bramblewood Montessori will pick up as usual when there is early dismissal. There is no additional cost.  We only ask that parents inform our teachers if their child does not need pick up.

What happens when there is a professional development day?

When there is a professional development day at the Elementary schools, children don’t attend school.  Care is available for parents requiring care at an additional cost of $30 per child.  Bramblewood Montessori teachers will ask you in advance for confirmation and payment if you need care.  This allows the administrator to book staff according to group size and allows the teachers plan the day and acquire supplies.

My child was detained after school and missed the bus.

Parents should speak to their Elementary class teachers to inform them that it is important your child is not detained after school for whatever reason.  If your child misses the school bus, then the school will call you for pick up.  We are not able to return back to pick up students.  Elementary teachers are very supportive of parents when they know their child attends a KC/1 or SAC program.